International Thanksgiving – September 28-29, 2007

We cordially invite you to join us in celebrating our International Thanksgiving for the third quarter of the year in the Los Angeles area. Let the people of God know the blessings and grace that we have received from our Almighty Father these past few months. To God be all the honor and glory now and forever more.

For more details, contact


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Schedule of Religious Services (Updated)

We have a new set of schedule for our religious services in San Diego. Please refer to this new schedule if you plan to attend with us.

  • Prayer Meeting every Wednesday at 6:30PM
  • Worship Service every Saturday at 6:00PM
  • Live Thanksgiving every Friday at 4:00PM
  • Thanksgiving playback every Saturday at 8:30AM

For questions, please address us at Thanks and glory be to our God always.

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Haiku: The Best Blog on the Worldwide Web

Which is the best blog
available on the net
among the many…

sites that we peruse?
Is it of a known actor
or of a lawyer?

Or is it of a
doctor…a politician?
The answer is plain…

simple, yes…but true
It is Brother Eli’s blog
which proclaims the truth.

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Haiku: Go UNTV!

3G is simply awesome…

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Video Greeting for UNTV 37’s 3G Celebration

To God be the glory for allowing us to celebrate UNTV’s third year anniversary with you, Brother Eli and Brother Daniel. Through your guidance and leadership, we are witnesses to the abounding blessings and manifold wisdom of our God Almighty. We love you so much and we hope that, through God’s help, we will hear more of your inspiring teachings and truthful convictions at UNTV 37 and on the worldwide web. Thanks be to God for all His unspeakable gifts. We love you, Brother Eli and Brother Daniel! Go UNTV!

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Haiku: Sunday Religious Service

It’s Sunday once more,
brethren are gathered at the
locale to worship.

With joyful smiles
In their faces…ready
to offer praises;

Thanksgiving abound
in San Diego…always
for God’s own glory.

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Online Meeting Schedules

Please take note of the following religious schedules:

Monday at 9:30PM – Workers, Trainees and Officers Meeting
Tuesday at 7:00PM – KAPI Meeting
Saturday at 12:00PM – KAPI Meeting

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